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Your result for The Are You Stylish and Tasteful Test...

The Trendy Diva

You scored 14 pts (out of 26) on Trendy, 9 pts (out of 12) on Tastefulness. Excellent!

Congratulations! You scored most on Trendy, which means that you really know what's in fashion and what's not! You have a sophisticated taste for clothing and you always look stunning! What's more, you usually manage to harmonize both formal and trendy clothes, making your outfit look superb. Besides, you scored high on Tastefulness, which proves once again that you really deserve my applauses!

ADVICE: keep it that way, but don't forget that sometimes it's better to choose comfort and simplicity over all those restrictive formal clothes and trendyness which is so hard to stick to: something that is considered trendy today, soon will probably go out of fashion. So, don't lose your head completely!

If you are a guy, that's the stylistic characterization of your ideal girl. Anyhow, whether you're a male or a female, please, don't take it too seriously, if your result seems kinda offensive or not acceptable. I can assure you that my test is based on all those commonly known and accepted stylistic patterns though. However, I do agree that no one (even the well-known fashion houses and stylists) is 100% adequate to decide who's stylish and who's not.

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